“White Deer” hit TV series, adapted from China writer Chen Zhongshi’s Novels

After the movie a few years ago, the novel “White Deer” is now being Chinese onto the TV screen. TV drama “White Deer” once again hit a new high ratings.

“White Deer” is the representative of China writer Chen Zhongshi, the novel is more than 50 words, completed by Chen Zhongshi took six years to create. The novel was the epitome of the White Deer Village village in Guanzhong area of Shaanxi Province, through the story of white deer surname surname and the two generation of the Zu Sunsan family disputes, the historical changes for more than half a century from the Qing Dynasty to twentieth Century 70s and 80s.


Many years ago, many people felt shocked when reading the novel “White Deer”. People like hard work, perseverance and general animal instinct to survive, the chill, numbness, desolate secular life, the primitive vulgarity and violence, naked porn, stiff savage Pumianerlai mingled with the cruel smell of blood, let a person to hold plugging, suffocating.
In the novel, in the cold and chilling of the lines, although you can not find a little bright, a little warm, hidden in the heart of the author, is indeed the care of the world, compassion and love.

Even to use a calm and restrained language to describe, also did not completely abandon emotion. In fact, the author quietly emotional convergence, quietly melting into the text.
I appreciate the works like this, no matter how difficult, no matter how reality indifference, still can be beyond this level, will be on human dignity, love, virtue, courage and ideals forever in the cruel reality, I believe they are convinced that the human spirit is the essence and significance.

White Deer



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