The status of the development of the China Mobile Internet industry

The status of the development of the China Mobile Internet industry

Through the analysis of the macro environment, the 2016 China Mobile Internet industry users, hardware market, industry application, development of the Internet industry that China Mobile still continued rising stage, 2016, China Mobile Internet development shows the following characteristics:

To highlight the value of the mobile Internet industry, and three industry contribution to Chinese new economic growth momentum, 2015 Chinese information total economic output reached 18 trillion and 630 billion RMB, accounting for the proportion of GDP reached 27.5%, the contribution to GDP growth rate reached 31.4% on average, the information economy has become the new engine to promote economic transformation and upgrading of the three industry in 2016, the total value of 744127 yuan. Growth of 6.7% over the previous year.

The supervision of the mobile Internet industry to strengthen both opportunities and challenges, in 2016 Chinese introduction of Internet related strategies, laws and policies, encourage, support and guide the environment to promote the development of the Internet, the Internet industry from the PC end towards the mobile terminal transfer direction, the more risks and problems exposed in the rapid development of the industry, to the country the decision-making in law and policy level to guide and regulate, mobile Internet and other emerging industries to promote the healthy and orderly development.

In the future, China Mobile Internet will enter the era of traffic management. According to the latest data of China National Bureau of statistics, the total population of mainland China is 1 billion 383 million people in 2016, about one intelligent terminal device per person, and the era of traffic management is coming.


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